Bathroom Remodels

There are a myriad of different reasons homeowners choose to remodel their bathroom. In order to truly enjoy your bathroom you need to consider whether or not the new design will fit in your home. The main fixtures – the tub and toilet on one side, a pedestal sink and small cabinet on the other – consumed the space. That is because, when it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the mostly commonly executed changes includes the installation of a new toilet. For many of us, it could be tricky to afford to enact all of their bathroom remodeling ideas at the same time. Many of today’s bathroom fixtures look more like works of art than these fixtures.

And of course, Sears offers free consultations on your projects so you can easily figure out what exactly you want to do and how much it will cost. Poor lighting and an almost monochromatic color scheme make this bland bathroom feel dark and depressing. These are some really great tips for anyone looking into remodeling or rejuvenating their bathroom. Do It Yourself: A small bathroom is a great place to hone your remodeling skills.

Just remember the most expensive part of bathroom remodeling is the labor not materials. You can find many wonderful ideas by looking online ad different plumbing supply companies. If you’re ready to take the renovation plunge, follow our 5-step plan for establishing a bathroom remodel budget. Even if you need fixtures moved, walls knocked down, and the bathroom completely gutted, we’ve got you covered from the initial design phase through securing the necessary permits and completion of the project. Part of the fun of your bathroom remodeling project is finding a way to get the project finished within the allotted budget, so have fun with it!

Enjoy complete relaxation – DreamMaker can make your bathroom a calming oasis from day-to-day life with luxurious features such as a whirlpool tub that provide a spa-like experience. After an amazing makeover, which included expanding the space, this bathroom includes a walk-in shower and stunning quartz countertops. A bathroom designed in a contemporary style is built and decorated to provide comfort and relaxation. In the case of the vent stack, we’ll investigate above the bathroom to see the pipe coming up through the house,” says Petrie. There’s good news for regular folks who can’t afford a solid gold toilet: there are low-cost ways to bring a little luxury into your bathroom.

The other upside is that these small repairs typically don’t take long so you won’t have to worry about not having access to your bathroom for an extended period of time. That is why it is important that your bathroom is one that not only looks attractive, but one that makes you feel good about yourself and your home. In a small bathroom the general rule is to install larger tiles because they give the illusion of more floor space. Browse the pictures below to see an example of our work, and contact us (847) 202-6465 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about what Tom’s Best can do for you.

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