Drywall Repair

Drywall is made of gypsum plaster that is pressed between thick sheets of paper and drywall is part of what makes up walls and ceilings. If the nails protrude far enough, they can tear or push the drywall tape off the wall. When the wall is smooth, a drywall primer and sealer will seal the wall and help prevent cracks and dents from reappearing. Instead, drive a second nail—or better yet, drive a drywall screw—in near each popped nail to re-anchor the drywall at that spot and then tap the original nail back in place.

But double check the thickness of your existing drywall before heading to your local independent home improvement retailer. We place high emphasis on quality of work, professional drywall repair service, and job site cleanliness. For instructions on how to tape a joint, refer to this hub on taping and finishing drywall When the tape coat is dried, sand lightly and apply a second coat. Repairing a hole in your drywall may seem like a challenge if you’ve never done it before. This patch is much stronger than the patch used for small holes in drywall and can be expected to last indefinitely. For now, we’re just focusing on fixing the drywall nightmare that we created to do these projects.

You can also make your own backerboard from a piece of scrap plywood or drywall. Either cover the hole with a self-adhering fiberglass mesh patch, or if studs are visible (the wood behind the walls that anchors the drywall sheets), fill the hole with a similarly sized piece of drywall and then nail or screw it to the studs. Our team of San Jose painters is known for our prompt, professional, and superior craftsmanship. And the great part about it is that it won’t cost you a single penny and you will not be embarrassed about your failed attempts either. Drywall is then attached to the wall using nails, sometimes glue, or the recently made drywall screws.drywall repair

Areas that are difficult to access, such as high ceilings and stairwells, will generally cost more to repair than standard walls and ceilings. Primarily, a dry wall professional can complete the repair much faster than a nonprofessional. However, if drywall repair is needed because of water damage, make sure to have the underlying leak fixed before patching drywall, or you’ll just need it done again in a few weeks or months.drywall repairdrywall repair

If the scale or scope of your drywall repair is outside your skill level, or if you just don’t have the time to take care of the job yourself, connect with a Drywall Repair Contractor to get the project finished. Call Jim 919-542-5336 for fast, friendly, professional drywall repair and popcorn texture removal service in Wake Forest and all surrounding areas of NC / North Carolina. When possible, leave a few inches of drywall at corners so you won’t have to spread taping compound onto adjacent walls or ceilings and repaint them as well! There are drywall repair kits that can be purchased at your local home improvement store.