Fireplace Remodel (2)

The best way to choose the style and color of stone is to visit a few showrooms that have fireplaces on display with various stone options. DIY lovers might want to consider building their own, which gives you the best opportunity to style a mantel that’s right for the room. There are thousands of different tile mosaic options for you to choose from when updating your fireplace. Ornately carved wood makes this Mexican mantelpiece (found at a salvage store in Dallas) the focal point of a colorful room. Each & every fireplace remodel / makeover is custom designed to match the tastes, ideas, and preferences of the homeowners, then is installed or constructed to meet the intricate specifications of the space. If you enjoy vintage looks, another popular look is adding reclaimed lumber to create a vintage fireplace.

If you have a fireplace made of stone that’s not even and flat, your renovation will be best done by either chiseling all the rock out and preparing your surface from the base wall behind it, or by creating a frame that goes around the stone that you can then attach the drywall to. In many cases, using furring strips attached along the top, sides and bottom will be enough of a frame as long as you anchor the strips to the stone.fireplace remodelfireplace remodel

Kristina Striukova used acrylic paint to transform the interior of the formerly all-white fireplace into an engaging scene – with decorative mural work above. This wood-burning fireplace is suspended from the ceiling and rotates 360 degrees. Granite Fireplace Facing is popular because of the variety of colors available and because it is much more durable than most marbles or ceramic tiles. Let the fireplace pros (that’s us!) affordably renovate that ancient, filthy eye sore, into an amazing new heating machine for your home. Not only that, but I feel like I’ve learned an incredible amount as far as DIY goes.

Contact our fireplace professionals today or stop by our fireplace & stove showroom to find out how we can upgrade the style, function, and efficiency of your fireplace, stove, mantel, surround, or hearth. These smaller changes are less serious and therefore cost less, but they still require a specialist. I took some time planning, because this fireplace was located in the unfinished walk-out basement.fireplace remodel

If you are looking for beautiful & breathtaking fireplace designs, you’ve come to the right place. If it does not open properly the fireplace will not draw” correctly and you could fill the house with smoke and sparks. A fireplace is an important element in the design of a house — it’s a work of art, and it can be artfully crafted and installed to fit in with whatever look you desire. I finally was able to move the cabinet next to the fireplace back where it belonged.