Fireplace Remodel Orange County (2)

The appearance of the fireplace, often the focal point of a home, is important in many homes. But because it instantly transformed the fireplace into the contemporary, industrial style we wanted, the time and work was well worth it. The addition of the solid-wood mantel with a natural edge and DIY fireplace screen infuses interest and texture into the room. The cost to hire a professional contractor for these types of remodeling projects range from $390 to just over $2,000, if done by a professional. From conception to construction and everything in between, a professional will be the most useful tool during a re-facing of a fireplace.

Fireplace spacing – Determine whether your fireplace will be on the floor, on a ledge or built into the wall. This project is a good alternative for those of you that desire to give your outdated fireplace a new look without all the mess that tearing it down brick by brick would create. If one of your remodeling ideas is to add a new mantel or customize an existing mantel, you may be able to perform this remodel on your own. If you’re building a new home or remodeling, you’ll surely want to include a fireplace or stove in your plans.fireplace remodel

Simple remodeling like paint touch ups or installing a new mantle piece are easy to do and this can drastically change the appearance of an old fireplace and it’s also a great way to save money! Designer Maria Killam, CMG, used bright orange paint around and over the fireplace here, for a bold look you can easily replicate with any favorite hue. After working with the builder to have his crew install the firebox and basic frame when the house was built, I was able to finish the fireplace myself. A trompe l’oeil treatment keeps the homefires ever-burning in this fireplace on Nantucket by Housefox Design.

A complete fireplace remodel in Orange County may just do the trick to make your home the showplace that you have always wanted it to be. You may also have a traditional wood burning fireplace that you no loner want to have to deal with, such as having the firewood delivered, and with the tiresome clean up that it entails. It is helpful to seek for the advices of experts in this field since this would somehow give you an idea on the budget needed for a specific fireplace.fireplace remodelfireplace remodel

So call Stone World today at 407-341-4688 and talk to one of our representatives about performing a fireplace remodeling project in your home that will transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary. The hardest part of the remodel from the building perspective was etching out the brick so that the doors would fit. You will need to determine whether the surrounding materials (stone, brick, mantel, etc.) can be removed without disturbing the fireplace itself.