Home Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

So many people put off kitchen remodeling indefinitely because they do not have the financial means to get the project completely done by professionals or they are waiting until they can afford the granite countertops desired. Allowing the kitchen to fall into disrepair, become barely functional for the family, or appear extremely outdated will end up costing more money, so the project never begins. The value of the property declines, the flooring wears down, and the situation gets worse. There are ways to get kitchen remodeling done on a budget that looks stunning.


Take a close look at the kitchen as a family and ask yourselves a series of questions such as:

1. What elements are no longer functional?

2. What is truly needed in the space?

3. Is there enough storage room?

4. What can be removed?

5. Do the kitchen require different lighting?

6. Should this flooring be replaced?

Be honest and realistic when providing answers. The huge kitchen table may be beautiful but if the family does not sit down all together for meals anymore it can go and make room for something else. This exercise will help identify priorities for design elements, needs, changes, and budgetary considerations. A kitchen makeover can be gorgeous but not be worth the investment if it does not suit the needs of the family.

Can Some Work Be DIY?

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects will save a significant amount of money when completing a kitchen upgrade if homeowners have some DIY experience. Those who use the kitchen remodeling as the perfect opportunity to learn how to properly tile a floor will spend more time and money than calling a professional. What typically happens is a contractor has to be called to fix any damage done in the attempt and then proceeding to complete the kitchen renovation anyway. People who are familiar with using power tools, have completed smaller projects, and have the patience to follow directions are the ones who can save money by doing some of the work.

Creating a Budget

This is a critical step in the process since budgetary constraints are already a factor. Homeowners need to be prepared to pay fair rates for labor. Hiring a friend of a cousin to do the work will seem like a way to save money but is likely to end up like the DIY situation. Experienced professionals will get the kitchen remodeling done right and provide a warranty. It is better to spend a bit more on the work and make savings decisions on products and materials.

Keep in mind that materials and products need to be of decent quality to avoid living with a second-rate kitchen. Press-board cabinets, for example, will flake, weaken quickly, dent easily, and fall apart at the hinges. Instead of going cheap, discover what options are available at middle ground and select from those. Another way to save money and still have durable cabinets is to update the look by remodeling the cabinet doors if the existing cabinets are sturdy and well-made.

Explore Cultured Options

Most homeowners want granite counter tops for the new kitchen island that is installed where that huge table was. Authentic granite is quite expensive. Cultured granite is less expensive, available in custom colors, and can be poured into unique shapes. It will need to be sealed with a protective coating annually to resist scratches and scuff marks. Other natural stones, such as marble, is also available in cultured options. Flooring, back splashes, and other counter tops are offered in cultured stone as well.

Local Promotions

Renovation packages are offered from experienced companies to increase business. This is another way to remodel the kitchen on a budget. These are usually available in three or four different price tiers and come with choices of top brand appliances, cabinets, and other fixtures. Go onto the websites of Mimosa Kitchen and Bath and leave an email address to be notified of promotions and sales throughout the year.

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