How I Found Chairs to Match an Antique Table

I recently inherited a gorgeous antique dining room table from my grandmother. This table has been in my family for more than four generations. I have admired it since I was a little girl and never dreamed that it would one day be mine. It’s going in my formal dining room and will probably only use it for special occasions. The only problem is that the chairs that belong to the table have severely depreciated over the years and are no longer safe to sit on. I’m going to buy new dining chairs by My-Furniture to replace the old ones. The original chairs are too far gone to even restore and purchasing new chairs is the only viable option I have.

I went to their website to see the different styles of chairs that they offer and was pleasantly surprised to see so many different styles and colors available. Before I even realized it, I had been browsing through the different chairs for over an hour. After deliberating on several chairs I kept going back to the Venice Carver Chair with ink blue velvet upholstery. It has an exquisite polished aluminum lion ring handle on the back of it and the satin black stained legs will match my table perfectly. It just screams elegance. This type of chair is sure to last several generations with its superior craftsmanship.

I went ahead and ordered six of the Venice Carver Chairs and even received a small discounted at the checkout. I also found out during checkout that there was not a shipping charge. The chairs should arrive early next week. They do need some assembly by attaching the legs to the base of the chair. My son has already been recruited for this job. I can’t wait to see the new chairs around my grandmother’s table.