I Needed a Change in My Decor

I was so ready for a change to my decor. A lot of my friends had been busy in the last several years remodeling their homes. I did not see the need for that because my home is already perfect the way it is laid out. I just needed to update some of the decor, which is how I started thinking about orange county shutters. I looked at what I could do, and I knew that just changing the shutters in the different rooms and changing the color of paint in the kitchen and dining room would be plenty.

The first thing I did was go online so I could look at some plantation shutters. I knew without a doubt that I wanted those above any other kind of shutter. I had seen them in some friends’ homes after their remodels, and they are nothing short of spectacular. I knew for my dining room and kitchen, it would change the entire appearance of the interior. I just did not know who to go with since all three of my friends went with different companies. They each gave me the website information for the companies they went with, so I used that to start my research.

When I came to Orange County Shutters, I knew that they were the ones I wanted to use. I could tell that they have quality shutters just from everything that I read on the site. That is not the main reason I went with them though, because the other two companies also had nice shutters. When comparing them though, Orange County Shutters had the lowest prices of all three companies. They also had a special going on that made the prices even lower. I knew that I would never get such gorgeous shutters at a price like that, which is why I had them custom built and installed not that long ago!