What Should You Know About Sewer Repair and Replacement?

Winter is coming, which means that you are probably busy protecting your plumbing and insulating your home from freezing temperatures. However, functional plumbing will rely on more factors than just pipes and drains within your household.

Everything you flush down your toilet and drains will affect the sewer line, which is connected with your house. If your sewer line is damaged, it can cause expensive repair and even sewer replacement.

Having a damaged sewer line will interfere with your plumbing. Therefore, if it is damaged, you will have to repair, and if you wait too long the replacement is the only thing you should think off.

If you want to avoid backed up sewage, flooded basement, and burst pipes, find a way to replace it as soon as possible.

How to Protect Your Plumbing?

The worst thing that could happen is to have a damaged sewer line. This expensive problem could cost you thousands of dollars to replace broken sections so that you can avoid a flood in your basement.

Sewer damage can also cause water leakage that will result by bringing mold inside your house. That will eat away your foundation and cause structural issues to your household. Damaged sewer can also invite pests such as roaches and rats into your home.

However, if you want to avoid catastrophe, you have to catch it early and treat it as soon as possible. That is why you should follow warning signs and factors. If you notice any of these problems, the best thing that you can do is to call professional to repair or replace the sewer in a timely manner:

Slow Drain

If you find out that water in your toilet, sinks, and bathtub have a hard time of going down; you should inspect your sewer because the problem lies there. A slow drain is the main indication that you have clogged pipe, and you will be able to fix it by drain cleaning.

However, if that does not solve the problem, it means that clog is much deeper in the sewer. These clogs can happen due to numerous things such as flushing down sanitary wipes, tree roots or due to cracks in the pipe.

Low Water Pressure

If you have low water pressure and if you are plumbing is sensitive to it and requires good balance to work efficiently, it means that something is going on with your sewer line. In case that you find your showers disappointing or without water that flow out the faucets, it is time to repeat the sewer until you reach the point of replacement. So do not neglect it.

High Bills

In case that you need sewer repair, the chances are that you will find that your utility bills are more expensive than before. In most cases, it means that you have some leak that requires urgent repair because it can interfere with your house’s foundation and create havoc.

Lots of Septic Water

If you do not treat a damaged sewer line, that could result in numerous problems such as water leakage that will happen in your entire house. The biggest sign that it happens and that you have to repair it is when you find a pool of septic water outside or inside your home.

The idea of plumbings is that they should never leak, but as soon as you find water where it should not be, you should call a professional as soon as possible. If you do not know when plumbing permit is required, you should check here to find out.

Cracks in Foundation

If you neglect the damaged sewer problems, you can create structural damage to your house. Most problematic results of faulty sewage are cracks in your sinkholes and foundation. In case that you find cracks in your foundation, it means that the leakage is happening for a long time and you have to do something about it because it will affect your lifestyle.

Loud Noises

In case that you find out that plumbing is making some noise when the water is running, it is important to check it out. If you hear, loud gurgling sounds that come out from it that is an indicator that you have trapped air inside and that you have to deal with a clog in there somewhere.